Private Equity Real Estate

Value-added Real Estate

At Pro-invest Group, we believe that the value-added real estate investments have an attractive risk-adjusted return profile and can offer compelling cash flow potential to those with the right expertise.

In all assets we acquire, we seek to add value by identifying physical, operational or financial improvement opportunities that we then address through active management. In every investment made, we take an entrepreneurial approach to value creation in an effort to maximise return on capital.

Pro-invest Group invests in value-add retail, office and hospitality properties by directly acquiring single or multiple assets, or indirectly investing through corporate vehicles, including joint ventures.

Investment Process

Pro-invest Group has developed a strict investment process reflecting the active management approach through which we are able to create value while mitigating risk.


1 Origination

Opportunities are generated by our entrepreneurial team & future leaders are identified and on-boarded early on.

2 screening

Scalable, value-creation opportunities are screened by rigorous due diligence and sensitivity analysis.

3 execution

Investment strategy is actively driven by in-house entrepreneurial team with a clear focus on out-performance.

4 growth

Continuously, revenue growth opportunities are sought after and efficiency improvement initiatives are implemented.

5 exit

Creative strategy to maximise value is set from project inception and trade purchases are groomed early on.

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