ESG in Focus in Midst of Pandemic – Pro-invest’s NABERS Rating Portfolio White Paper

As Australia continues to deal with the current pandemic – particularly its embattled hospitality sector – there is a looming crisis that should not be overshadowed: climate change.

Water and energy consumption in hotels have come under greater scrutiny in recent years, particularly as environmental concerns and demand for sustainable, responsible businesses have significantly increased.

The NABERS hotel tool assists property owners and managers in obtaining a third-party assessment of their hotel’s energy and/or water consumption.

With 7 active NABERS ratings across Energy and Water ranging between 4.5-stars to 5-stars and many more to come, Pro-invest Group is a strong advocate for the adoption of the NABERS scheme. While we have not been spared from the impact of Covid-19, this has not eroded our focus in and commitment to sustainability. We know that strong ESG credentials have the ability to reduce costs, increase asset attractiveness for stakeholders and improve resiliency, and this will continue to underpin our strategic approach.

In this white paper we detail why it’s important that sustainability efforts remain a critical strategic agenda even in the midst of this pandemic.

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