Pro-invest Asset Management

Our services cover the complete lifecycle of both single asset and portfolio investments, providing a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ approach resulting in a cohesive and strategic response to our clients’ real estate objectives in Hospitality, Commercial and the Retail sector. We approach every investment as unique and recognise that our clients’ requirements may evolve during the investment process. Accordingly, our services are tailored to specific investments that provide flexibility.

Asset Management

Today, the Pro-invest Asset Management (PAM) team comprises of over ten in-house specialists responsible for Pro-invest Group’s fund management and analysis, investor relations, Investment Committee and Advisory board management, structuring and tax optimisation activities, portfolio management along with legal, licensing, regulation and compliance. Further, PAM performs the core functions of debt financing and risk management while coordinating and managing the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities of the business and its portfolio. ESG include but are by no means limited to the management of Pro-invest Group’s INREV, ANREV and GRESB memberships alongside managing the portfolio’s assets’ NABERS certifications and uplift strategies.

The locally based team comprises of experienced professionals with proven track records in commercial asset management supporting Pro-invest Group’s unique ability to execute build-to-core, asset repositioning and refurbishment strategies without handing over control to external consultants. Through collective experience, the Pro-invest team has been responsible for the management of more than 15 office assets in various capacities including asset management, asset repositioning, refurbishment, leasing, development and divestment. The team has the ability to manage commercial office assets through all stages of the asset’s life cycle.

We believe that the value-added real estate investments have an attractive risk-adjusted return profile and can offer compelling cash flow potential to those with the right expertise.

Strengths In Asset Management

Under our Australian Financial Services Licence No. 462871 (AFSL), we are authorised to provide various financial services to our clients. We are able to manage investment schemes that provide offshore investors access to reduced withholding tax rates through a Managed Investment Trust (MIT) structure, where applicable.


In-house resources with a global network and strong capabilities in corporate finance, capital markets, analytics and real estate provide unbiased research, delivering informed and balanced advice to our clients.


Yielding, off-market investment opportunities are identified through our proven expertise in commercial real estate coupled with our access to strong global networks and on-the-ground presence in Australia and in the United Arab Emirates.


Opportunities are justified through strict market and financial risk management and due diligence coordinated with “best in class” experts ensuring they effectively meet investment objectives and maximise financial returns.


We conduct negotiations on behalf of our clients that ensure assets are acquired/divested at the best possible price and settled in a harmonious manner.


We leverage on our existing relationships with local debt financiers to procure competitive rates on behalf of our clients. From an early stage debt covenants are sensitivity tested and then continuously reviewed to help ensure there is no default on debt finance obligations.


We stand apart from our competitors in that we advise our clients tailored investment structures. Our prior experience in cross border transactions ensures our clients benefit from efficient and low cost structuring and financial modelling services.


Return on assets is optimised by a continuous review process seeking value-add opportunities and the implementation of resulting strategies. These may include asset enhancement initiatives, through improving efficiency, repositioning through refurbishment and working closely with existing tenants to maximise retention.


Timely investment reports are provided in a clear and transparent format that incorporates the preferences of our clients. Strict control processes ensure risks and results are accurately reported.

Proven Track Record

Between 1995 to 2002, in close collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group, Pro-invest CEO Ronald Barrott – who at the time was the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Stannifer Group – led the rollout of 15 quality select service hotels under the Holiday Inn Express brand across the United Kingdom. The portfolio was geographically diversified across the country and was fully exited in 2002.

Fund I was launched in 2013, raising A$380 million to develop, own and operate a portfolio of Holiday Inn Express (HIE) hotels across Australia and New Zealand under a Master Development Agreement with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The Fund is fully committed with a portfolio consisting of four hotels; HIE Sydney Macquarie Park, HIE Brisbane Central, HIE Adelaide City Centre and HIE Newcastle, with a further four properties in various stages of development across key markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Pro-invest Hospitality Asset Management

To read more on Pro-invest Group’s Hospitality Asset Management services, please visit the Pro-invest Hospitality Asset Management page.