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At Pro-invest Group, adopting an ESG approach reflects our belief that success encompasses more than financial growth alone. From investment analysis to development, operations and culture, ESG is woven into every facet of our business. 

We recognise that sustainability and profitability are fundamentally interlinked, and our ESG focus safeguards our investments, enhances cost-efficiency, and boosts long-term value. It also meets the rising demands of our stakeholders.

As ethical consumption becomes the norm, consumers increasingly seek experiences aligned with their environmental standards. Legislative landscapes are rapidly shifting towards mandates around sustainability and governance. By proactively aligning with these changes, we future-proof our business while contributing positively to communities and the planet. 

For us, an unwavering ESG commitment isn’t just about ethics, it’s a strategic choice that creates tangible value.

Read more in our FYE 2022 Annual Sustainability Report.

Environmental Impact: Stewarding the Planet’s Resources

Across our global portfolio, we implement measures to conserve energy and water, reduce waste, and shrink our carbon footprint. Our commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2030 begins from the earliest design stages using innovations including modular construction, renewable energy systems, and regenerative landscaping. We monitor usage intensities through benchmarking programs and continuously identify new ways to optimise.

Our development projects achieve high ratings under sustainability certification programs including NABERS and GRESB. We also pursue eco-friendly certifications for existing properties through retrofitting LED lighting, low-flow plumbing, AI-controlled HVAC, and more. These initiatives deliver utility savings while benefiting the environment.

Looking ahead, we aim to fully embed circular economy principles and achieve ambitious goals such as carbon neutrality. Our focus remains on embedding sustainability through ever-evolving technologies, standards and partnerships. Because the health of our planet ensures the health of our business.Read more in this Pro-invest Group case study presented by NABERS.

Social Impact: Positively Impacting People and Communities

Our investments aim to benefit the social fabric of our communities. We celebrate local culture, champion inclusion, and create opportunities for skills development. We source locally, engage with and donate to our neighborhoods and aim to become meaningful community partners.

As residents of the communities we operate in, we want our presence to be a positive force. As should our workforce initiatives which include championing diverse hiring, training and development, supporting colleague wellbeing and helping our team give-back. These measures drive employee satisfaction, pride and retention.

Looking ahead, we will continue finding meaningful ways to give back. Because when communities thrive, we all prosper. Our social responsibility efforts aim to create that shared sense of prosperity.

Governance: Upholding Ethics and Accountability

Our ethical business practices emphasise transparency, integrity and proactive risk management. By embedding governance into every function we earn the trust of partners, and our responsible governance foundation enables disciplined growth. 

This is demonstrated from our boardroom to the frontlines. From our supplier policies to our training programs, we have robust systems to proactively manage risks and safeguard high standards. By embedding governance through both processes and culture, we establish credibility with stakeholders.

We will continue strengthening governance by increasing transparency, formalising ESG policies and pursuing leading certifications. Because integrity in all we do creates value that endures.

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