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Strategic Investments

Our commitment to strategic investment is deep-rooted and expansive, overseeing over $3 billion of assets under management through a combination of discretionary funds, joint ventures, and managed accounts. This extensive portfolio is testament to the trust our partners place in us. 

Central to our success is our rigorous adherence to the highest governance standards. In a rapidly shifting financial landscape, our stakeholders can be assured of transparency, accountability, and integrity at every step of our engagement. While our ability to structure and execute transactions with efficiency and precision, unlocks value in both traditional and emerging sectors. 

Our expertise in capital management ensures stakeholders benefit from best-in-class distribution systems, business intelligence tools, and optimal returns on their investments. Our comprehensive approach ensures cost efficiencies and robust financial performance across the board. 

Drawing from our vast industry experience we’ve crafted our investment strategies with a clear focus: to maximize returns while diligently mitigating risks. Whether aligning with global brands or leveraging local insights, our investment expertise remains unparalleled in its depth and breadth.

Property Solutions

At Pro-invest Group, our integrated approach encapsulates the entire lifecycle of a property asset. From the initial acquisition to meticulously planned designs, and from construction to timely renovations, we ensure every phase is executed with precision and vision – and a clear focus on building a sustainable world. By having all these facets of expertise in-house, we are uniquely positioned to oversee and manage each step seamlessly, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Our comprehensive understanding of property dynamics goes beyond ownership. It is about breathing life into every asset, creating spaces with purpose, and environments that thrive. The collaboration between our teams ensures that the design complements the functionality, construction meets the highest standards, and operations run flawlessly.

This end-to-end approach gives us a competitive edge, allowing for swift decision-making, adaptive strategies, and a consistent focus on extracting the utmost value from every property. Our approach ensures assets become meticulously curated experiences, warranting long-term value creation and sustainable growth.

Operations Excellence

Operations are where the rubber meets the road. Every day, across our diverse properties—from hotels and restaurants to offices and retail spaces—we’re on the ground ensuring everything works like clockwork. This is about more than just management; it’s about creating a distinctive guest or customer experience.

Supported by our investment in people, processes, ESG and technology, our teams know that success lies in the small details. It’s about understanding what our guests and customers value. They are trained to anticipate the needs of our guests and customers, to respond with agility, and to offer services that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Each of our assets is supported by our robust operating platform, which drives revenue and delivers cost savings across marketing, IT, people & culture, finance & business support. By blending practical on-site expertise with a commitment to service excellence, we ensure our properties stand out and deliver on their promise – to guests, tenants and investors.

With Pro-invest Group overseeing operations, stakeholders can be confident that their assets are managed efficiently, with a keen focus on enhancing real-world experiences.

Our Sectors

At Pro-invest Group, we lead in the Hospitality sector by expertly managing hotels, restaurants, and bars with a tailored approach that combines strategic investments, property solutions, and operational excellence, all enhanced by our joint venture with Vista Hospitality Group.

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