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Hospitality – Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

Hospitality is core to who we are and how we approach every sector. Our intimate understanding of the nuances that define successful hotels, restaurants, and bars draws on our rich background in this sector. 

Whether it’s sourcing prime locations for a boutique hotel, creating an ambient dining space, or setting up a vibrant bar, our approach is tailored to fit the unique demands of the hospitality industry. We deploy our Strategic Investment, Property Solutions, and Operations services to ensure every venture stands out, offering guests unparalleled experiences while ensuring maximum returns for our stakeholders.

We are the largest independent operator in Australia, forging strong relationships with major brand companies, navigating negotiations and selection processes across various scales. We pride ourselves on transforming properties into memorable experiences, mirroring brand core values and unique hallmarks. This focus has led to brands investing in our funds directly – testament to the trust and confidence they place in our capabilities. In addition, we own and operate a number of our own brands, ensuring we have the right choice available for each of our assets.

Revenue generation in such a complex, dynamic sector is nuanced and we’re well-equipped to handle this, backed by a network of specialists adept in technology management, ensuring revenues flow seamlessly.

Our Vista Hospitality Group joint venture with the Next Story Group, amplifies our reach, merging the best of both worlds. This integration of capabilities paves the way for comprehensive hotel brand development, from inception to day-to-day management.Read our white paper, “Finding the Silver Lining: A New Perspective on Hospitality as an Alternative Asset“, authored by Dr. Sabine Schaffer, Co-Founder & CEO, Europe here.

Our Brand Partners
Our Vista Hospitality Group JV Brands


Our expertise in the hospitality sector uniquely positions us to approach residential projects with a fresh perspective. We recognise that today’s residents seek more than just a place to live; they’re in search of vibrant communities where they can live, work, and play. 

Our portfolio spans living genres such as residential, build-to-rent (BTR), hotel residences & student housing, providing innovative, community-centric living solutions drawn from our successful hospitality model. We understand the essence of creating memorable experiences, and we bring this knowledge to the sector, creating spaces that meet the evolving lifestyle aspirations of modern residents. 

We place sustainability and responsible practices at the heart of our approach, creating eco-friendly and socially inclusive residential communities. Our blend of Strategic Investments, Property Solutions, and Operations ensures that we provide holistic residential solutions, creating environments where communities can thrive and individuals can connect. 

Commercial – Offices and Retail

The commercial sector, encompassing both offices and retail, demands a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. 

We recognise the delicate balance needed to make commercial spaces both efficient and inviting. Drawing from our experience, we invest in commercial ventures that redefine workplaces and shopping experiences. We target assets that promise growth. We craft spaces that boost productivity for offices and enhance footfall for retail establishments. And we ensure that every commercial property is maintained at its peak, understanding the ebb and flow of business needs. 

Whether setting up a cutting-edge office environment or a retail space that attracts and retains customers, Pro-invest Group’s tailored approach ensures each asset realises its full potential.

Our Services

At Pro-invest Group, our comprehensive services span Strategic Investments, Property Solutions, and Operations Excellence, where we manage a robust portfolio with transparency, enhance properties sustainably, and meticulously oversee operations, all driven by our dedication to top-tier service, innovation, and sustainable growth for lasting partner value.

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