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When the Energy and Environmental Alliance (EEA) formed in late 2020, it was a clear chance for the hotel industry to come together, recognise the important role we play, and work towards a common vision for a world which ‘is green, sustainable, and where everybody can prosper’.

Their holistic focused approach has brought together a broad range of stakeholders from hotel companies to investors and government. With a clear mandate to work with members in practical ways to share knowledge, implement new technology, acquire energy sustainably and achieve world-class sustainable operating standards, we knew this would be an important partnership for us.

The second annual EEA Summit took place last month and served as a great reminder of the power we have an a collective to make the changes necessary.  Dr. Sabine Schaffer, Pro-invest Groups Managing Partner and Co-Founder joined industry colleagues to discuss the opportunities for ESG investment specifically.

Hospitality Investor summed the debate up well when it said ‘ESG is increasingly becoming a more important consideration when assessing new investments and can have a material impact on pricing and liquidity.’ Read more about the discussion here: Absence of good ESG compliance data means greater risk of obsolescence | Hospitality Investor.

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