Navigating 2020 & Beyond in the Australian Hotel Sector as COVID-19 & ESG Cross Paths

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Pro-invest Group in collaboration with ANREV hosted an industry special webinar session.

Joined by experts from NABERS and GRESB, the session explored the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s hotel sector and how the widespread virus and ESG cross paths for the hotel asset class.

  • Amélie Delaunay of ANREV
  • Dr Sabine Schaffer of Pro-invest Group
  • Ruben Langbroek of GRESB
  • Carlos Flores of NABERS

shared their expert views on the state of the real estate sector and strategy insights on how to navigate these unprecedented times, all the while drawing the parallels between COVID-19 and ESG.

With COVID-19 taking much of our focus, this session served as a reminder that climate change is another pressing matter the real estate sector in Australia should continue to factor in their business strategies.

Click here to Watch the entire Panel discussion via the ANREV website

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